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        November domestic titanium dioxide prices


        Take the domestic market to take the larger amount of sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide, for example, November titanium dioxide prices contrarian up, the average price of 14035 yuan / ton at the end of the month offer an average of 14785 yuan / ton (including tax) Or 5.34%.

        At present, most of the domestic sulfuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxide mainstream offer in the 13500-14800 yuan / ton and 11500-12500 yuan / ton (both tax).

        November 30, the price index of titanium dioxide (sulfur and gold) was 70.19, up 0.12 points from yesterday, down by 29.81% from the peak of 100.00 (2011-09-04), compared with December 29, 2015 Day the lowest point 51.68 points rose 35.82%. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 so far)

        According to the overall situation of titanium dioxide market and the price trend, chemical branch of titanium dioxide product analyst analysis for the following reasons:

        (1), "Long Bai" fit, and then up thousands of dollars

        October 28, "Long Bai" fit after the effect is obvious, November 2 Sichuan dragon python and Bai Li Union simultaneously announced up 1,000 yuan / ton, Sichuan dragon python in the year 11 cumulative increase of up to 5700 yuan / ton, Followed by the market once again set off the strongest price rise in November, Henan, Sichuan, Shandong, Anhui, Yunnan, Guangxi and other regions followed by manufacturers, or in the 500-1000 yuan / ton, other manufacturers prices more 11-13 times between. 2016 from the annual rise of the market is only the last one and a half months, according to the current market situation to see more "customs clearance" should be little problem, the current part of the downstream enterprises have been aware of the situation and trends, began to gradually stocking behavior, market supply tension Export volume increase factors, but also between the limited production of manufacturers driven, "shift library" effect gradually appear, traders hold the sale of disappointment to sell up the heavier mood, the actual market transactions are tampered with the previous price increase results.

        (2), anatomic titanium surge, the momentum over rutile

        11 mid to late, anatase titanium dioxide manufacturers frequent prices, manufacturers in Guangxi in the beginning of the month, at the end of the last three times rose nearly 2,000 yuan / ton, mainly due to the early weed market is relatively weak, the price market once Out of the production of crude products, coupled with the regional environmental tightening, production capacity can not be released, anatase production plummeted, and rutile titanium dioxide price is higher, the quality requirements of the downstream enterprises do not return the sharp titanium, so that the current sharp Titanium titanium powder inventory tension, successive prices.

        (3), Trump came to power or good titanium dioxide exports to the United States

        Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, or only those economically immediate. Hillary is essentially a politician, in her governance under the economy must obey the political, but Trump took office will reduce the political weight, focus on grasping the economy, because he is a businessman, only good at economy, not good at politics , In the place is not good at hand and meet the characteristics of the Americans. Trump this person is very realistic, who can let the people see the effect of immediate results, he will do. This means that some of the persistent research and development of things will be delayed, and is likely to put more money into the real estate construction, Trump is the real estate origin, the best at this is the so, so the real estate driven , China's titanium dioxide exports to the United States or long-term positive may be.

        (4), titanium dioxide will add the industry will be good

        To mid-November, 2016 titanium dioxide industry annual meeting of Guangxi Tengxian, Guangxi region anatase manufacturers collective up 500-800 yuan / ton, this time or due to horizontal differences between enterprises, do not rule out December regional renewals, rutile titanium dioxide prices or to a high concentration, but with the domestic chlorinated products to maintain a certain price difference.

        (5), titanium dioxide prices soared, why the spot so tense

        November, the price of titanium dioxide can be said that the hot, mainly reflected in the anatase, a few manufacturers at the beginning of the month, the end of the last three times rose nearly 2,000 yuan / ton, mainly due to tight supply, including rutile type has a similar situation , That the country so much output, goods are where it? Titanium dioxide analyst Yang Xun analysis: 1, the production capacity of the manufacturer can not be released. Environmental protection and other pressure, the producers limited production, low yield, less inventory, manufacturers are more concentrated in the East, Southwest, South China and other regions for the production of single-wire; 2, good export. 2016 January-September total sales of titanium dioxide 54.0603305 million tons, only three quarters to achieve the 2015 annual export of 53.8394441 million tons of transcendence, exceeding 0.22 million tons, or 0.41%, the previous export rutile-type Most of the fourth quarter, anatase exports also rebound, even if the export price relative to the domestic trade price is slightly lower, but the manufacturer is still priority to export goods; 3, dealers and downstream stock transfer library. Dealers and the downstream face of frequent price increases have numb, thought that bluff, see really up more stocking psychological, coupled with the end of the year, shift stock to be up significantly.

        (6), high logistics costs or titanium dioxide to continue to explore the subject matter

        Titanium dioxide spot supply to accelerate the price increase, superposition of raw titanium concentrate (Panxi area 46 grade 10 mine) prices rose to 1,100 yuan / ton (excluding tax) or so; Qiyun logistics costs rise (due to rising freight logistics, More than a change in railway transport, so that the railway transport pressure surge, "iron boss" or up to follow the trend); large profits and more atmosphere rendering and Guangxi and other regional consensus, the above factors to promote the fourth quarter of the titanium dioxide price market than " "Also lively.

        (7), Panzhihua Iron and Steel Chongqing Titanium Chloride Titanium Dioxide Project officially put into operation

        Panzhihua Iron and Steel Chongqing Titanium 100,000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide project officially put into operation, the production line using low-cost raw materials line, there are already a small amount of crude output,

        (8), Cristal (Cristal Global) announced the price of titanium dioxide

        Cristal Global announced on November 23, 2016 that the price of all TiONA and Tikon Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) products will be increased from January 1, 2017, or see the contract requirements. Latin America: up $ 200 / tonne; Eastern Europe and Western Europe, including Turkey: up to € 200 / t. Russia, the CIS region raised 150 US dollars / ton; the Middle East and Africa: raised 150 US dollars / ton; Asia-Pacific region: raised 150 US dollars / ton.

        (9), in October 2016 China's titanium dioxide exports decreased by 13.45%

        According to the General Administration of Customs to provide statistical data, in October 2016 China's imports of titanium dioxide was 13028.908 tons, an increase of 2.99%, the chain decreased by 11.83%, the average import price of about 2778.33 US dollars / ton, the top three regions of imports for Taiwan, the United States , Germany; 2016 January-November total imports of titanium dioxide 149447.17 tons, down 14.17% in October 2016 China's titanium dioxide exports 54617.244 tons, an increase of 19.99%, the chain decreased by 13.45%, the average export price of about 1831.45 US dollars / Ton, which exports the top three countries for India, the United States, South Korea; exports of the top three regions for Sichuan, Shandong, Henan. 2016 January-October total exports of titanium dioxide 595220.549 tons, an increase of 34.34%.

        November titanium concentrate prices rise sharply. Downstream titanium dioxide rose thousands of dollars to do lead, miners generally optimistic about the market outlook, coupled with the market inquiry has increased, looking forward to high inflation. Titanium spot in the spot oil, coupled with the logistics and other logistics costs rise, so that the ore market prices rose "confidently"; Pangang steel on the spot mine, some miners hoard goods and reluctant to sell; In addition, the downstream price of titanium dioxide continued to rise , Driven by the larger price of raw materials expected. Panxi area, whether titanium or titanium concentrate market are upside, more or less profitable, but there are still miners that its profits did not increase significantly, mainly due to higher capital costs, their own pressure Also larger.

        It is reported that Panzhihua Fengyuan Mining is expected to resume production on November 25, plans 30,000 tons / month of production will be a tight supply of ore from the mitigation effect. Panxi region titanium concentrate market rose, medium and small miners are relatively active, the external import ore offer is also strong, the downstream titanium dioxide producer continued sound, short term, titanium concentrate market or continue to run high. At present, more than 38 grade in the Panxi area of titanium ore prices in the 750-800 yuan / ton (excluding tax) or so, 46 grade 10 titanium concentrate prices in the 1150-1200 yuan / ton (excluding tax), 47 grade titanium Ore prices in 1,100 yuan / ton (excluding tax) between.

        According to the General Administration of Customs statistics, in October 2016 China's titanium ore and concentrate imports 130530.816 tons, down 25.86%, the chain decreased by 32.76%, of which imports of the top three countries, India, 51120 tons, Kenya 41904.856 tons, Mozambique 11632.92 tons, the top three imported regions: Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang. In October 2010, China's titanium ore and its concentrate export volume of 796 tons, down 1.36%, the chain growth of 20.92%, 2016, January-October, October 2016, an increase of 26.44% A total of 10989.47 tons of titanium ore exports, down 63.33%.

        November domestic titanium dioxide prices market continues to rise. Titanium dioxide analysts believe that: "Long Bai" Qi rose after the market boost the effect of obvious, the increase is generally larger, more in the tamping price, anatase titanium dioxide rose more concentrated pace, the Guangxi region manufacturers consensus The higher the number of producers almost every week to send a price adjustment letter. 2016 into the middle of the fourth quarter, the basic can determine the "year up", although the cost of raw materials and logistics to eat up part of the profits, but the overall situation is better, manufacturers are more or less profitable, the atmosphere is good to manage rational, It is not necessarily good at this stage, antsatous and rutile-type spreads narrowed, sulfuric acid and chlorination method spreads narrow, for anatase and sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide are Is a small critical point. In the short term, future manufacturers inventory or continued tensions, coupled with the cost of raw materials and logistics boost, the December price market or continue to be strong, and continue to "Qiao Li name" price increases.

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